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Our 5 Star Rooms for Baby

Well designed rooms for newborn babies.

1st & Only Malaysia – Fully Individualised Baby bedroom

Covid – 19 pandemic taught us how vulnerable human life is, therefore NEJLIKA strike to uphold the highest protection possible for your baby.

We created the 1st & ONLY fully individualised baby bedroom in Malaysia.

With each baby having their own baby bedroom, this greatly reduces the risk of cross infections.

4 Tier Medical Grade Air Purification System

4 tier medical grade air purification system are installed in NEJLIKA.
Fresh air entered through a layer of HEPA filter which then passed through the Carbon filter.

Afterwhich the air will pass through the air-conditioning system so as the temperature and humidity is adjusted to suit babies.

The air will then pass through another two Layers of hidden UV light sterilization… Read More

Isolated Room (for unwell baby)

Another isolated room is designed for unwell baby to further prevent the risk of cross infection as well.

Isolated Room for Baby Bath & diaper changing

In NEJLIKA, babies bath and diaper changes will be carried out in a isolated room to reduce the chances baby exposure to bacteria, virus & unwanted moisture as well.