Nejlika Confinement Services

Best Confinement Center In Cheras & KL

Professional Care & Breastfeeding Support

We have a professional and caring team to assist you on postpartum care, breastfeeding guidance, medical and TCM Physician & etc, ensuring your confinement journey an enjoyable one.

Our Taiwan’s Certified Lactation Consultant will provide 1 to 1 lactation consultation service so as you can master breastfeeding skills at ease.

Regular Paediatrician & TCM Physician Visit

We provide weekly check-up by Paediatrician to monitor your baby healthy status.

Non-invasive jaundice monitoring and phototherapy treatment is also provided in NEJLIKA.

TCM Physician (specialise in Gynaecology) will also provide medical consultation for mothers on weekly basis

Postnatal Rejuvenation Therapy

Mothers deserved the best rejuvenation therapy during confinement period.
Our postnatal care and massage services include traditional malay massage, hotstone compress (bertungku), vaginal steam bath (bertangkas), application of calming paste (pills) on forehead, firming herbal blend (tapel) paste on… Read More

Confinement Meals designed by TCM Physician

TCM Physician, Post Natal Consultant and our experienced chefs will design & serve nutritious & delicious meals for mothers, which help regulate mother’s body physique, promoting body recovery and stimulating breast milk production.

5 nutritious and delicious meals will be served on daily basis. (Breakfast, lunch, tea-break, dinner and supper).

Menu is updated on… Read More

Postnatal Activities & Parenting Courses

Your confinement month will never be a boring one with our regular postnatal activities & parenting courses.

Health & Parenting seminars will be conducted by our healthcare professionals so as mothers can master the parenting skill before check out from our centre.

In addition to that, various types of… Read More

New born Early Learning

The first year is a crucial developmental period that provides your baby with the time needed to build underlying skills for later growth!

Baby’s observation, imagination, discernment and logic thinking skills can be cultivated through stimulation of the senses, external environment and systematic guidance; achieving the goal of left & right brain development and establish a good learning foundation for the baby.

It can also help… Read More

24/7 Top Tier Security Control in Cheras and KL

NEJLIKA equipped with private lift and 5 tier access card & security system to ensure the safety of our guests.

  • One to One breastfeeding consultation by Taiwan certified lactation consultant
  • Weekly TCM physician consultation
  • 5 nutritious confinement meals a day
  • Customized herbal tonic soup designed by TCM physician (Once a day)
  • Milk boosting soup (Once a day)
  • Free flow red date drinks
  • Bird Nest *
  • Double boiled chicken essence *
  • Daily herbal bath
  • Sea salt for postpartum care *
  • Organic cotton nursing uniform
  • In house slippers
  • Postnatal Massage *
  • Ginger hair wash *
  • Postnatal activities & parenting courses
  • Laundry service

* For selected package only

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  • 1st & Only in Malaysia – Fully Individualised Baby Bedroom
  • Medical grade 4 tier air purification system
  • Weekly Pediatrician doctor consultation
  • 24/7 baby care by qualified nurse
  • Isolated room for unwell baby
  • Isolated rooms for baby bath & diaper changes
  • 1 to 1 baby monitoring CCTV (view from room TV & smartphone)
  • Baby jaundice monitoring & phototherapy
  • Baby vital signs monitoring (Blood pressure, heart rate & SpO2)
  • Daily baby recording book
  • Infant massage
  • Baby swimming *
  • Baby photography *
  • Organic baby bath products & tummy massage oil
  • Organic cotton baby clothing
  • Diapers & Formula milk
  • Laundry service

* For selected package only